Taking Care Of Merbau Decking Wood – From Delivery To Setup

Merbau3Although, Merbau has the greatest stability rating, which describes the swelling or shrinking of timber boards, it is paramount that you treat your distribution of Merbau with the utmost care. (If you are saving other Australian hardwoods or decking woods, it’s even more important that you handle them with caution as well). To take the guesswork from how to properly look after your Merbau from distribution to installation, we have developed a helpful checklist …

  • When you get your shipment of Merbau Decking boards, check to see if there are some lighter colored boards in the load and if so, you can leave these specific boards out in the sun. The tannins will come out due to sun exposure and they will darken.
  • Store Merbau boards flat and even, so that they stay straight, and keep them undercover and out of the sun.
  • If you don’t have an undercover location to save the Merbau delivery, ensure that you put some battens down to lift the boards up and off any surface, so that the boards aren’t soaking up any wetness from the ground, as you stack them and keep them. Likewise, cover the boards with plastic or tarpaulin to further shield them from the weather. However, understand when utilizing tarps to cover Merbau, that the boards will sweat under the tarps, if left kept in the sun, which will make the boards shrink and swell. This is another reason we advise that the boards constantly be kept in the shade, if there is no undercover available.
  • Storing Merbau timberNever ever leave Merbau decking boards on concrete, whether they are off-cuts or full boards due to the fact that if it rains, the Merbau will bleed and leave red marks on the concrete. You likewise need to be careful around pools that have actually sandstone or bluestone tiles and rendered walls. Plus, the dust from cutting from Merbau will likewise stain, if moistened. Take special note that the red stain is notoriously difficultq to remove!
  • Prior to setup, it is suggested that you pre-coat the Merbau boards roughly 1 Day prior (where possible), which minimises the decking board soaking up moisture and therefore making it more stable. If your deck is constructed less than 250mm above ground level, it is definitely important to coat your boards before they are laid down.